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As a long-time Vegan, I am living proof that eating a healthy diet does wondrous things to a person’s body.  I believe that, along with eating abundant fresh vegetables, it is important that we select ONLY NON-GMO food.  The GMO Project website will provide you with a wealth of information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from, what I consider, the biggest threat to the human race.

One way to avoid GMO food is to eat organic.  Although only 8 crops are currently genetically modified, the food industry utilizes these crops (mostly corn and soy) in ingredients that have “hidden” GMO-content.  It is imperative that people become educated about this because GMO food is now being considered one of the leading causes of all major illness in our country.  I sincerely believe that the reason my health turned around was because, in eating solely organic food, I eliminated and detoxed from GMO ingredients.

Here is my story:

In early 2007, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus, which is a degenerative immune system disease.  I was told that, without treatment, I could die in five years. 

This is a genuine wake-up call for anyone.  I began a raw food diet the next day.  In four months, my blood was totally transformed and the doctor released me saying that she could find no sign of any illness. 

After my amazing experience, I decided that I had an obligation to introduce as many people as possible to the delicious vegan food I love and, in doing so, help humanity find a way to heal itself from the life threatening diseases that effect our well being in today’s world.


My Story and My Conviction About The Food We Eat