Leafy Greens Cafe


1626 Central Avenue

St. Petersburg, FL  33712

Phone:  727-289-7087

Eml: Denise@LeafyGreensCafe.com

Our Hours of Operation:

Mon-Th  - 11am to 8pm

Fri-Sat  - 11am to 9pm

Sunday  - 11am to 6pm

Welcome to Leafy Greens Cafe


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BYOB - YES! You can bring  your own bottle of wine!  We will cork and serve you for just $5. Don’t have a bottle, just go next door to WineSmith and pick one from their fabulous collection!




We have GROWN!!!!  Our new location is 100 yards WEST of our previous location!  After 5 solid years at our original location, we finally have expanded!  Thank you for everyone’s support and loyalty.  It is because of you that we have been able to make this move!

We are so excited to finally be totally and completely gluten-free!  This is a MAJOR accomplishment for any aspiring healthy food establishment!  We made a shift - which technically makes our food not totally raw - but the decision was based on so many people requesting gluten-free food.  Historically we prepared all our food with Nama Shoyu, which is an unpasteurized soy sauce.  Because it is unpasteurized, it is considered “raw”.  Soy Sauce is always fermented, however, conventional soy sauce is usually full of wheat and preservatives.  We have been able to procure a source for non-GMO, Organic, Japanese-made, Wheat-free soy sauce!  This shift will mean everything on our menu can be consumed by someone with wheat sensitivity.  We felt the shift was justified since both the pasteurized and unpasteurized version of soy sauce are fermented.  We were able to make this healthy shift and not compromise the amazing flavors of our food!  Come in and see!  We have finally shifted our famous Real Deal sandwich, Thai Curry Soup, Zucchini Spaghetti Sauce and Veggie Burger to wheat-free so our wheat-sensitive friends can enjoy these fabulous menu items as well!


Leafy Greens Cafe is one of the first Fresh Food Restaurants in Tampa Bay specializing in Raw Vegan delicacies from around the world.

We also have a wonderful line of gourmet teas, coffees and desserts (which are made on the premises) including raw hazelnut cashew cream cake, fresh fruit cobblers, our famous soft serve and much more.

We have a lovely and intimate yet conveniently located space that has amazing outdoor areas.

There is ample parking behind the building.  The lighting is ambient and the space is small and intimate.  Our focus is to provide the community with the information they need to live a healthy, vibrant raw food lifestyle.  It is through our own experience that we have gained the conviction and determination to introduce and support as many people as we can on the subject of raw food; its benefits, ingredients and preparation, while providing interesting lectures, hard-to-find ingredients and true friendship to those who are willing to reach out and join us on this amazing journey.


Reservations are appreciated and suggested for parties of 5 or more.  Parties of 6 or more are automatically charged 18% gratuity with their check.  There is a 10% service charge for take-out orders.

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